Nucleus Research: ERP Value Matrix


IFS is an Expert in the 2019 ERP Technology Value Matrix with IFS Applications 10. IFS capabilities are geared toward specific industries including automotive, aviation and defense, energy, high tech, engineering and infrastructure, oil and gas, industrial and process manufacturing, services, and retail.

With IFS Applications 10 and the Aurena interface, IFS features a bot that leverages AI to perform a suite of tasks using natural language processing. Users can access the bot from a host of messaging services such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.

The latest edition of the software also includes capabilities to support service-centric organizations as well as demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) that help companies reduce carried inventory and lead times. Additionally, IFS is better supporting global customers with enhanced global tax management and multi-company capabilities. IFS gives its customers choices in how they consume and deploy the software, offering cloud and on-premises models as well as subscription or perpetual license purchase options.

Lenard Gaffel