IFS Tips - Adding Document Attachment to any Screen

A very quick tip, but something that is often asked - How do I add the document attachment window to a screen that doesn’t have it?

The first step is to identify the form you want to see the attach documents to. Navigate to the form and then select the System Info Option from the bottom toolbar. If you cannot see it, Right Mouse Button on the bottom menu and select Customize. Ensure System Info is added.


When you enable System Info, you should now be able to identify the Logical Unit (LU) name for the screen. You may also need to take note of the View name and the Package Name as well.


Now, go to Object Connections add DocReferenceObject^ to the relevant Logical Unit (LU) Name in the Service List field - the one you identified in the last step. If it isn’t in the list, you create a new record and add in the LU Name, View and Package from the System Info Screen. If you want to add the function to all screens, then you simply add the text against the asterisk (*) entry.


Whilst this example is for Document attachment, you can also add the following functions to any screen:

  • Approval Routings

  • Characteristics

  • Access Engineering Requests and Change Order Actions.

Lenard Gaffel